2022 Whiskey and Bourbon Event in Poughkeepsie

On Saturday, the VFW Post 170 will hold its second annual support event for local veterans.

These are their SiteVeterans Sportsmens Association (VSA) is an organization that certifies firearms instructor by the National Rifle Association. It is made up of both veterans and law enforcement personnel. The organization is a Federally-recognized non-profit and offers a variety of classes and events. Veterans Sportsmens Association has joined forces with Warriors and Whiskey to hold social events in select bars and distilleries throughout the Hudson Valley. Members and guests can relax and meet new people while enjoying local whiskey.

2022 Whiskey Bourbon & Bourbon.

Local veterans will be benefitted by the 2022 Whiskey, Bourbon, Bourbon, BBQ, which takes place Sept. 24. It features New York-based and veteran-owned distilleries. There will also be free tastings and live music from the Brokedown and Rebuilt Band. Food will be provided by Tavern 23, This event will take place at VFW Post 170’s outdoor pavilion on 1 Violet Ave, Poughkeepsie. The funds are donated directly to veterans in the area. Purchase tickets You can find it here. Some lucky listeners are going to be awarded tickets. Complete the form by clicking here


Here’s a little information about VFW Post 170

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 170 is located in Poughkeepsie and offers assistance to U.S. Armed Forces veterans. Veteran Services provides connections for veterans with several non-profit and government organizations, at all levels, including the Federal, New York State and Poughkeepsie. This organization provides veterans benefit assistance and other information regarding insurance and benefits to veterans with disabilities.

Brett Michaels Honors Veterans ‘Monday Night Football.’

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2022 Whiskey and Bourbon Event in Poughkeepsie

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