Aussie Family Rushed To Hospital After Using Charcoal BBQ Inside To Warm Up Home


After being exposed to carbon monoxide from a heater, a family in Australia was rushed to the hospital.

There’s no denying that it’s absolutely freezing in parts of Australia at the moment, however let this story be a warning that there are unsafe sources of heat.

The family of six in Merrylands in Sydney’s west decided to bring their charcoal BBQ inside to heat up their granny flat.

However, they didn’t have proper ventilation and they just sat around breathing in smoke from the barbecue as they tried to get warm.

Yesterday, July 19, paramedics arrived in the area to treat a resident who complained of headaches due to the fumes.

The family was discovered to have used the barbecue as a heat source, and then fell asleep inhaling the dangerous smoke.

The patients were in stable health when they were brought to Westmead Hospital. Staff treated them, the hospital said. Daily Mail.

Fire and Rescue NSW personnel were also called to Merrylands to evaluate the safety of their property.

These methods of heating the home have been condemned by many.

Adam Dewberry, Fire and Rescue NSW superintendent said: “Whilst we understand the family and their guests were trying to stay warm during winter and thought bringing the makeshift heating device inside was a good idea, it unwittingly put lives at risk.

“Fortunately this has been a tragedy avoided — I’d say by sheer luck.

“This carbon monoxide is poisonous, toxic, deadly.”

The cold isn’t expected to let up anytime soon and actually could get worse.

‘polar frost’It is expected to move across South-East Australia and could cause sub-zero temperatures.

Bureau of Meteorology’s Senior Meteorologist Miriam Bradbury told The Guardian: “We are expecting a return of very cold mornings with minimum temperatures expected to drop to four to eight degrees below average from Tuesday onwards across large parts of Victoria, Tasmania … parts of New South Wales and eastern South Australia.”

“Widespread frost is expected with possibly severe frost across some inland parts where temperatures are likely to drop below -2 degrees.”

So get ready south-eastern Australia, it’s about to get frosty.

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Aussie Family Rushed To Hospital After Using Charcoal BBQ Inside To Warm Up Home

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