Barbeque to honor fallen DPD Officer Loren Courts

Ryan Turpin, William Butash and William Butash started Berkley Barbeque. Their love for grilling has been transformed into food that is soul-nourishing. To raise money for Loren Courts’ family, DPD officer Loren was tragically killed in line of duty in July 2022.

AJ Walker

Berkley, Mich. (CBS DETROIT). Ryan Turpin, one of the founders of Berkley Barbeque. William Butash, another co-founder of Berkley Barbeque. Their love for grilling has been transformed into soul food.

“We put 40 pork butts on and then we put 200 racks of ribs on and then we have about 3 to 400 pounds of chicken that we’re going to be doing tonight,”Turpin.

On a gorgeous fall day, the barbecue grills will be ready to go. This BBQ is a great choice because the meat has been well seasoned.

BBQ to honour Loren Courts who died tragically in combat in July.

It’s important because Loren Courts, a fallen DPD officer was going to benefit from the proceeds. In July 2022, he was fatally shot while on duty.

“We’re doing a great thing for the Courts family,”Turpin. “It just seemed like the right thing to do.” 

The fundraiser was the latest in a series of similar events. This fundraiser was the result of friends coming together to enjoy what they love most: barbeque and fun.

“It all started off with just us goofing around in the backyard, taking pictures of barbecue that we had done and it turned into doing fundraisers,”Turpin.  “There’s something about barbecue that brings people together.  

 They prepared to pack the space at the Berkley American Legion, where the event was being held, with the friends, family, and community members who want to help the family of officer Courts.

Many of the volunteers have been in law enforcement or know what it’s like to lose a brother. Some others simply wanted to give back in anyway they could. 

“William Butash said that 700 pounds of chicken was donated by Wolverine Packing. He offered great deals on their rest of the meat.

 Even through this tragedy, people still smiled and stood strong together. 

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Barbeque to honor fallen DPD Officer Loren Courts

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