Best Cookbooks (Summer 2022): Bludso’s BBQ, My America, Korean American, Fabulous Modern Cookies

America’s Test Kitchen has a large archive of tested recipes. These recipes are often used to make specialized cookbooks. While these books can be helpful and intelligent across all disciplines, this book is unique. Yes, the answer is in its title, but the team at ATK being the team at ATK, the book formalizes their—and our—relationship with plant-based meat. The book’s art features photos of classic meat-lovers such as a burger, chili and tacos.

Two things that I found helpful were the following: It’s best to cook it at 130-135 degrees for burgers. You can season it just as real ground beef. As an example, I made a homemade chorizo sauce for Impossible Burger. These make great tacos, especially when paired with potatoes and salsa verde. You can make meatballs or breakfast sausages with different herbs. These aren’t new recipes; they’re repertoire-builders that normalize a relatively new ingredient to us all. What can I do? “amen?”A note about meat: You might need to try different types of meats to discover your favorite. I find Impossible Burger—ATK’s favorite—solid across the board, but Beyond Beef—the runner-up—is not my thing, so shop, taste, and make sure you’re cooking with one you like.

(Bonus – Francis Mallmann is an Argentine chef who offers a more earth-friendly barbecue. Green Fire.)

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Best Cookbooks (Summer 2022): Bludso’s BBQ, My America, Korean American, Fabulous Modern Cookies

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