‘Best day ever’, Jonesboro woman describes BBQ Festival

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Friday night was filled with the smell of barbecue as pit masters fired up their smokers for the annual Jonesboro BBQ Festival.

It was filled with music.

Festival goers were able to hear the music as soon as they entered Jonesboro.

“The music part is very important because when you get to come and enjoy your favorite foods, but then at the end of the day when everybody starts to wind down you got that concert to pick everyone back up,”Jonathan Chaney of Jonesboro said that:

Food is the primary attraction of the festival. However, Brook Daniels demonstrated that music can also be a big draw.

“Pretty much the best day ever,”She explained that she was just describing what it was like to be at the festival.

Daniels was a big fan of Queensryche’s performance at the festival. Daniels made sure she got a seat in the best place by getting up early.

“I’m super ready, I’ve been a Queensryche fan since 1983 and when I heard they were coming to Jonesboro, I was just like crazy, I couldn’t believe it,”Daniels. “I’ve been down here since 1:00,”Daniels.

She surprised many with her sudden arrival.

“The band came out, I got to meet them. Got to hang out, they gave me an autographed drumstick, I got guitar picks, I have pictures, I have all of it,”She stated.

Daniels stated that it was an experience that she will never forget and that they are happy to have events like the Festival back at home.

“Everybody loves the music, it brings people together. When you can have a band like Queensryche, it’s not the standard that we would get. It’s just super exciting for people like me that are hard rock and metal people,”She stated.

‘Best day ever’, Jonesboro woman describes BBQ Festival

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