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Blu Pig BBQ and Blues Joint in Moab is an excellent place for barbecue. It’s conveniently located downtown at 811 South Main Street.

Moab has become a popular tourist spot. This is the ideal spot to enjoy the natural beauty and unique red rocks of the region. You can find beautiful scenery here in Utah thanks to the Colorado River.

Moab is home to many different types of accommodation. Blu Pig’s website offers this information:

Let’s make food matter! ‘em eat BBQ!

Here at The Blu Pig, we pride ourselves in serving the freshest, best tasting, food we can prepare. We prepare brines, rubs, and mop Sauces. Then, we slow smoke on low heat using local fruitwoods for hours and hours until we have the most tender, “fall off the bone” ribs or tender, moist, yummy Tri-Tip. With all that smoky goodness right in front of you, we have a number of different homemade barbecue Sauces to choose from.

As for the fixin’You can also expect all of the classic side dishes to be prepared for your barbecue. While most of the recipes came from me, some were shared by family and friends. Yes, it is so, that everybody’s tastes are different. I believe we have the right combination of lip-smackin’ recipes that make us stand out from the rest. [From the website]

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There are many meat choices that you will find at most BBQ places. Baby back ribs, as well as other meats like chicken, turkey, pork and chicken are all popular choices. Also available are sandwiches and salads.

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In front of the building, you will find a small gift store. You can also find memorabilia from the area, such as miniature blue pigs and balls.

Blu Pig BBQ & Blues Joint makes a wonderful place to eat if you are in Moab.


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