Big changes are coming by the end of the year for the iconic Buzzie’s BBQ restaurant at the corner of Francisco Lemos and Schreiner streets. There are many rumors about the future of this business.

“We are not closing, but we are relocating to family owned property on Memorial Blvd,”Buzzie Hughes is the restaurant’s owner and namesake.

Hughes was awarded multiple Texas Monthly awards and numerous other honors for his barbecue.

“We are simply getting rid of the overhead,”Hughes declared: “and we can’t hire reliable help anymore.”

Hughes intends to convert the 2926 Memorial Building, which was once a welder shop, into a commercial kitchen. Hughes will make use of his food trailers and operate the business out of the building during events.

“There will be no indoor eating, for now, but hopefully later we can go back to having on-site dining,”He spoke.

Buzzie started his first Comfort barbecue joint in the 30th year. In the same area, he bought an abandoned building which was being used as a laundromat. The business’s success was recognized in Kerrville, where it found a new home.

It was damaged in an incendiary fire that occurred in June 2007 and the restaurant was completely destroyed. Five months later, however, the site was redeveloped and a new building was constructed on it. It opened its doors on November 1, 2007. Over the years, many events have been held at the restaurant and in the meeting room.

“The past two years have been really tough. The cost of brisket and ribs and all the other supplies needed have sky-rocketed,”Hughes declared. “I can’t go up on my prices to match the inflated prices. People are not spending money to eat out.”

Hughes explained that he’s always been able to buy supplies in his own area and that some of the products he was accustomed to buying have become more expensive or not available at all when Hughes needs them. Hughes now relies more on the commercial food providers who are less expensive and deliver.

Buzzie’s future

“I love what I do and I will continue the catering business out of the new location. I already have several large events booked. We’re staying steady and working hard,”Hughes added.

In the next weeks, he plans to renovate the building used for welding and will look to hire contractors to complete it.

Soon, he hopes to be awarded a contract.

“This year has been really slow. People are just not spending money to eat out. It’s not that I want to get out of the business, but it’s the economic situation we are in. I am excited about the change.”

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