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Lucas Leventry views being a chef as more that a profession.

It’s his passion and a gift he received from God.

“It’s what I love to do. It’s the gift He gave to me to be self-sufficient,”Leventry said. “I put my passion into my food and put it on the table.”

Leventry is The Corner Stone Restaurant’s owner and chief chef. Thursday’s official ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by county officials and local dignitaries. It is in the same place that Four Brothers Urban Bistro used to be.

Leventry claimed that he is a man who has believed all his life. His pastor’s encouraging words, however, were what inspired Leventry to open his own restaurant. Leventry was inspired by Keith Burley of Whole Truth Ministries, New Castle, to open his restaurant.

“The way he breaks the word down, supports us, and tells us he’s our biggest fan, the Whole Truth Ministries is absolutely amazing,”Leventry said. “That’s been a huge part of this development.”

Leventry also worked closely together with Forward Lawrence’s Paul Bucciarelli, Jeff Dereume of the Duquesne University Small Business Development Center, and Aaron Elliot of Forward Trends to open the restaurant.

Leventry is a veteran who hails from Greenville. He was previously trained in Greenville as a dishwasher. Later, he assisted in the kitchen as a watchman.

It was there that his career began to take off. He first worked in fast food then in chain restaurants all the way up to grill master at both Red Lobster and Applebee’s. He was later promoted to Slippery rock University’s head chef and received a Platinum Chef Award in 2015.

Leventry worked as a chef manager in several independent senior living homes across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky.

He spent two years living in Kentucky, where he learned about Kentucky’s food culture, before returning home to Lawrence County. Lea is also the owner of L & L Regal Events (Lawrence County), a local caterer that offers custom-tailored dishes. It will also house the new catering business.

“The passion for food, it just excites me,”Leventry said. “When I put something on a plate, it looks beautiful, to see somebody eat it, and they’re satisfied, it’s so gratifying to me.”

Burley said he couldn’t be more proud of Leventry for opening up his restaurant, stating it allows him to be “in his element,”Give your talents to the community

Leventry had told him that he didn’t think he would be opening his own restaurant. Corner Stone’s opening feels like a real dream. “dream come true.

Leventry said The Corner Stone specializes in both barbecue and soul food, mixing different ethnic backgrounds together for the menu.

The menu includes pulled pork and barbecue ribs, bone and boneless wings, baby back ribs, burgers and daily specials.

There will also be a 10 percent discount for veterans and first responders.

He said the restaurant prides itself as a venue where faith, food and family come together, and “Through God, all things are possible.”

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Here are more details thecornerstonebbq.comContact us at (878)-242-0828.

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Local News: Chef prepares BBQ and Soul Food at a New Restaurant| Local News

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