Inflation and drought worries cause an increase in the cost of Texas barbecue.

Will you pay twice for Texas barbecues? Barbecue lovers are seeing a cascading effect as the cost of all things has gone up, and the drought affecting the state.

Austin, Texas’ barbecue joints are trying to catch up and the menu prices reflect it.

Interstellar has a chef and a proprietor BBQ John Bates says when the restaurant openedIn the beginning, he charged $2.75 per kilogram for brisket. On average, he now spends close to $5.

“We’re seeing this effect where it goes up, and it stabilizes, and then it goes up again, and it stabilizes,” Bates said. “And it becomes like the new norm that this is where the prices are at.”

Bates claimed that farmers face extra obstacles which contribute to high meat prices.

“Farmers are having to deal with expensive fuel costs, expensive corn costs—they’re having to deal with hot weather,” Bates said. “It just makes it difficult for them to get a high-quality product to us without charging their fair rate.”

Bates stated that high-quality services should be the main focus when dealing with inflation or running a small Austin business.

“When guests come out—and they may have to spend a little more for your food—they leave happy because they’ve been treated really well,” Bates said.

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Inflation and drought worries cause an increase in the cost of Texas barbecue.

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