Every year, the Sussex County Board of Agriculture holds a chicken barbecue at Sussex County Farm and Horse Show. This event has been going since 1942. This year’s 80th Chicken Barbecue, “On The Fly,”The event takes place Saturday, September 24th at 5:45 p.m. Get your meal ready to go at Sussex County Fairgrounds Board of Ag BBQ from 5-7 pm.

Sussex Meat Packing provides fresh chicken from local farms. Skilled cooks slow roast the chicken on high-heat coals. A secret time-tested, all natural recipe sauce of Charlie Pratchler’s has made this BBQ famous. Ideal Farms is the producer of summer favourite corn on the cob. Green Valley Farms tomatoes make a wonderful choice. Holland American Bakery‘s famous dinner rolls complete the meal, with cookies for desert.

Tickets are $15 and must be reserved in advance. Tickets are available at Brodhecker Farm as well as Ideal Farms, Space Farms, and at Sussex County Fairgrounds. You can also purchase tickets online sussexcountyboardofagriculture.org.

Sussex County Board of Ag is passionate about fresh, local and healthy food. This food is completely free of artificial colors or preservatives. It is an annual fundraiser that funds scholarships for future farmers as well as programs and projects related to agriculture. Enjoy a traditional barbecue chicken meal while you take a break.

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County Board of Ag Chicken BBQ Open to All

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