Douglas County Republican Heritage Day Barbeque| News

Today saw the Douglas County Republican Heritage Day Barbecue. It was held at Corley Ranch in Gardnerville.

Many of Nevada’s republican candidates running in this year’s election were there to speak to voters.

The group held an enormous barbeque party with plenty of tasty food. To raise money for the campaign season, a silent and live auction were also held.

This event being one of the Republican party’s two major fundraisers they have each year, Shawn Meehan, the Communications Director, for the Douglas County Republican Central Committee says “We’re here to celebrate what it means to be a Nevadan, to live in one of the freest states and the freest countries in the world. People can come meet candidates, and raise money and share our story about what it means to be a republican.”

The event featured two round with speakers: Adam Laxalt, Michael McDonald, Mark Amodei, Sam Brown and Sam Brown. Sigal Chattah and Robin Titus were present, as was Ken Gray. Joe Lobardo was also scheduled today but couldn’t make it today due to scheduling conflicts.

They also discussed education, abortion rights, and funding for law enforcement.

Meehan explains “We come together and share our beliefs, learn, laugh, and enjoy each other, go home and get some rest and get back to work to get our candidates elected.”He goes on: “This is the year I’m seeing all kinds of new faces and I think that’s the energy, that people don’t like the direction of the country right now and they want to get involved.”They desire a high voter turnout. He added, “We’ve got to get out there, pick up the shovels, and do the work and inform the American people so that they can make a free choice on their own.”

Also, on September 18, 2022, Carson City Democratic Party will hold a party at 6pm in Carson City.

Douglas County Republican Heritage Day Barbeque| News

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