Beans BBQ’s Santa Barbara location closes despite serving award-winning tri tip. However, they continue to cater.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. –  Beans BBQ and catering wanted to be a sizzling success with a new restaurant in Santa Barbara last Spring.

But, it has not been open for more than a decade. Kristi Bean, the site’s owner, said that the catering will continue.

Beans Catering has been in business for over 14 years.   Beans has been catering for 14 years.

It was planned that the location at 1230 State Street be both a restaurant front and a caterer kitchen back.   

Kristi Bean is the property’s owner. “People love what we are doing it’s just  the economics of our community is sometimes out of touch.”

State Alcohol Beverage Control delayed issuing a beer and wine license. It did not improve the bottom line. Over the weekend, they were shut down. “Five months it took us to get an approval and the irony is that we got the approval 24 hours after we announced we were going to close,”Bean.

There were plans to host several events. Selling alcohol was also part of the plan. “Ball games, fight nights, open mic nights, drag shows, all kinds of things that we had in store in our big venue,”Bean.

The Bean family-owned restaurant was allowed to leave December by its landlord.

The restaurant industry remains challenging despite all the infrastructure.    

The financial equation is complicated by inflation, rising food costs, rising gasoline prices and rent. Insurance, food, as well as utility costs, are all included.

McDonalds closed on the block. Beans was located on the exact same block that Beans. In February, Saigon Vietnamese restaurants also closed. Brazil Arts was also closed during February.

Fresco, a newly relocated restaurant on Canon Perdido St., near the Lobero Theatre is just one of many new businesses to open in downtown.

Bean and many others can understand the economics involved in finding housing or starting a business. “The rent is outrageous both on a commercial and residential front in our community and at some point  they are going to run all of us little guys  completely out of town,”Bean. “I am hoping that local governing bodies  city council take a real hard look at what is happening in our communities for small business owners rather than recruiting larger businesses from outside of the area,  Los Angeles coming in and ya know big boxing it.”

Other jobs are available for the Bean family outside of their restaurant. “Catering is our first love, starting in 2014 in our community and we do about 40-50 giant events each year. The phone is still ringing bookings into fall of 2023 for weddings and  big events which we are real excited about.”

Another restaurant was also mentioned by her. “hopefully I will be able to  find a tiny little spot with a little patio and a window and some tables that’s attainable so we can keep doing what people love that we do.”

Beans BBQ’s Santa Barbara location closes despite serving award-winning tri tip. However, they continue to cater.

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