Fayetteville woman produces documentary about Bikes, Blues & BBQ

Filmmakers decided after years of research to examine the effects of the Bikes BBQ motorcycle rally in Northwest Arkansas.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Bikes, Blues & BBQ has been an annual motorcycle rally in Northwest Arkansas for more than two decades, bringing hundreds of thousands of bikers to our area one weekend every fall. 

Fayetteville Woman produced this documentary. “Hog Town”The rally’s impact on the area and information will be available on Saturday October 8.

Raelyn, her family and friends first visited Fayetteville almost a decade before their move to Fayetteville. They were unaware that Bikes Blues and BBQ was their destination for the weekend.

“We kind of experienced Bikes, Blues & BBQ. We were coming from Dallas everyone was telling us traffic was going to be awful,” Munneke said.

“Once we moved here it was a continual curiosity growing as the town would shift on the weekend of Bikes, Blues and BBQ. And there were a lot of residents that didn’t like it and just a lot of interesting conversations around it,”She stated.

Munneke started interviewing directors, bikers and business owners in 2017 and was able learn more about the rally’s impact on Fayetteville.

“Through all of that, it developed into this story that was the dichotomy of bikes, blues and Fayetteville and then how that is echoing the growth and the challenge with growth,”She stated.

Through all of her interviews, she isn’t surprised the rally moved a few miles north to Rogers.

“Fayetteville really made it difficult for the festival from what I could see and as I watched news. It was hard to see Fayetteville not receive the gift that the festival really was to the city,”She stated.

Although it took a while, the end result was amazing.

“Following the steps of what has happened through the pandemic, the challenges of a festival in that time and then seeing it really transform to now it being in Rogers and the film really speaks to how it got there,” Munneke said.

There will be two screenings “Hog Town”Saturday Victory Theater Tickets: Both the first and second tickets are only $5

Vail Film Festival 2020 presented the documentary. The film will soon become available on a streaming platform for those who couldn’t make it to Saturday’s screenings. We will provide more information next week.

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Fayetteville Woman makes documentary on Bikes, Blues & BBQ

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