Are There Any More Answers? Continue the Follow-up on the 6.10 Tangshan BBQ Restaurant Incident

CCTV released a final account on the incident just two months following a vicious attack on Tangshan restaurant’s female customers. It was widely shared on Chinese social networks, raising concerns about women’s violence. The incident saw 28 arrests.

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YouA scuffle at Tangshan’s Tangshan restaurant caused shockwaves on Chinese social media. Surveillance video from the restaurant shows that at least four females were attacked by a large group of men.

Now, the incident is known as ‘6.10 Tangshan Beating Incident’ (6·10唐山打人案件) sparked national outrage and its aftermath lasted for many weeks, with people demanding more answers on what exactly happened, how authorities dealt with it, and if the female victims were now safe.

Another shocking incident was posted online two months later. A grisly video was posted online showing how a Tangshan driver in a white SUV ran a victim twice on a local street. The female victim was pronounced dead at the scene after she had been given resuscitation by a local hospital.

This incident brought back memories of Tangshan’s violent outbursts, and there was a growing online demand for the answers. The hashtag asking for a follow up was temporarily removed. This led to criticisms of the authorities’ handling of this matter, and possibly even silence.

However, state broadcaster CCTV published a report on the subject on August 29. “whole story”Please describe what happened in that evening (hashtag#).央视梳理唐山打人案始末#).

Incident at 6.10 Tangshan BBQ restaurant

In the early morning of June 10th of 2022, just passed 2.30 am, the Laohancheng barbecue restaurant (老汉城烧烤店) in Tangshan’s Lubei District had multiple tables occupied by late-night diners. A few of the corners had three women customers who were talking and eating together. Two men were seated at the other table.

Cameras captured the moment when a man dressed in green approached the women trio and touched one of their backs.

The man attempted to grab the woman’s arm, but she quickly grabbed his hand. As the scene escalated, it got even worse. The man then hit the woman across the face with the beer bottle. One of her close friends was able to help her. The attack on her friend continued with at most three men, while the man in the green jacket hit the woman in the face.

The white woman was dragged out of the restaurant with her hair in seconds, as other diners watched from their tables.

The men were seen outside attacking the woman at an outdoor table. The men kicked her as she lay on the floor, pushing aside another woman who attempted to stop them. Another woman was also hit.

While the men are standing, the women remain motionless on the pavement.

Cameras captured what ensued. At least five men stood around the woman wearing white and punched her.

Following the violent outbursts the men left the scene, and the women was left with bruises on the street.

The incident continued after the woman had been abandoned by her street-side home. Security footage was taken from another angle and was released several days later. With others following, one of the women ran towards a back alley next to the restaurant. A white woman ran along the same route as the other.

It wasn’t clear what happened before the CCTV report. The back alley was not screened by security cameras.

The incident scene in the back alley.

Media reports only revealed that the victims were two women who had been taken to hospital to receive treatment. The victims are in stable condition. Another two women sustained injuries but were not admitted to hospital.

After This news has been publishedThey took the nine suspected suspects into custody. There were no updates and statements.

Chinese social media drew much attention to the silence surrounding female victims. Many Weibo users suggested the victim’s story was deliberately withheld, and that people were being silenced on the actual situation of the women.

The Tangshan case sparked an increase in online discussions on gang-related crime. Some believed that there was cause for concern that at least five suspects in the Tangshan case had criminal convictions and were therefore not permitted to go out.

An ex-victim of the attack also spoke out. He said he recognized one of the main suspects, Chen Jizhi (陈继志), from the security footage, claiming he was locked inside the trunk of a car for ten hours by Chen a few years prior. On June 17, (###)., the hashtag #ChenJiZhi had been shared more than 300,000,000 times.男子称曾被陈继志等殴打险被活埋#).

“The Whole Story”Through CCTV

The following is a description of the product: News ReportCCTV, state broadcaster, examines the events of 29 June and one of its victims, Thea (theavis) ‘woman in white’(using the pseudonym “” ‘Wang X.’

Wang X. confirms that the story is true, as it was captured by security cameras. Wang X. clarified that the man who approached her at their dinner table wasn’t her friend and told him to stop touching her. Then, it was time for the attack.

According to reports, attackers continued attacking the restaurant in the same alley as the one in front.

Wang X. claimed that several men had beat her in an alleyway. They threatened to kill her if they didn’t call the police. She fled. She fled.

CCTV records Chen Jizhi and seven others were involved in gang crime starting at least 2012. For many years, they were also involved in gang fighting and illegal gambling.

Chen and Shang were involved in dispute over a car loan. The incident happened in 2015. Chen sent some of his guys over to Shang’s residence, where they used chain locks to beat him and later locked him inside the trunk of their car.

Chen Jizhi was among the 28 people. prosecutedMonday to participate in Tangshan beating

Hebei police investigated the case and discovered that local officials allowed the gangs continue to commit crimes while not following the laws. 18 of the 15 local officials were arrested for abusing power and taking money as well as forming a criminal gang. ‘shield’Gang-related violence

Online responses

Many Chinese people have responded to the Tangshan incident on social media. Some people applaud the authorities for investigating and managing the situation in a professional manner.

“It’s very good that this matter has finally come to a conclusion after two months,” some commenters write, with others saying it is a good thing that justice was served – both for the gang members as well as the officials who covered for them (serving as ‘protective umbrella’ ‘保护伞’​).

Some others believe there are more details to this story than that and the entire system is corrupt. Some argue that there must have been security cameras in the area where the incident happened, although the footage has been intentionally hidden.

Shandong user of Weibo wrote:

“When I see this kind of news I sometimes see in the comment sections that there are those comments saying ‘the government is already rotten to the core’ and then those who refute that, saying that it’s ‘just a few officials who have a problem.’ First a few officials in Shanghai had a problem, then a few in Tangshan, now it’s a few officials in Henan, tomorrow it’ll be some local officials in Shanxi… I’m sorry, but the more ‘individuals’ are rotten, the more the entire organization is rotten.”

“I’m looking forward to the trial,”Weibo users write “I hope they’ll be punished severely.”

Since the events of June 9, 2011, the location where they took place has been relocated.

Other Commenter wrote: “I just hope the girls involved will make a full recovery, both physically as well as mentally.”An additional person may also agree in writing “We now got some answers, and I hope people can calm down. Most of all, I hope that the women will slowly but surely heal from this experience.”

By Manya Koetse 


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Are There Any More Answers? Continue the Follow-up on the 6.10 Tangshan BBQ Restaurant Incident

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