For another great BBQ season, fire up your grill

Get your tongs ready: It’s barbecue season on SBS Food, and this year there are both delicious food AND fierce rivalries!

Big BBQ Season hosts a Double Dose of Barbecue Action every Tuesday from October 4 through November 22. All Up in My GrillAfter 8:15 p.m. BBQ Brawl at 8.30pm. Ainsley Hartriott, beach barbeque king is available on Saturdays. Ainsley’s Good Mood Food.

Here’s a glimpse of October’s events:

All Up in My Grill

Tuesday 8.30pm from October 4 to November 22nd

Dale Talde’sInstaFilipino-American cookbook author and chef, he is master at barbecue. It’s no surprise that he has combined his TV and restaurant experience (as a judge and contestant). Chefs to Watch plus appearances on Chop Iron Chef America, His passion for television is reflected in this entertaining series. ‘cue. Talde fires up his barbecue to share innovative grilling recipes, plus some tried and true favourites, in this eight-part series – everything from galbi smash double cheeseburgers with kimchi sauce to lemongrass guajillo pork tacos. The first episode features his take on summer favorites, including steak and fries and cheeseburgers. The next episodes will be devoted to tacos and restaurant-style fish. We can’Can’t wait for this episode ‘angry chicken’. 

BBQ Brawl S2

Tuesday 8.30pm from 4-10 October through 22 November

In this season’s team captains contest, Bobby Flay and Eddie Jackson face off. BBQ BrawlAs some of America’s most skilled pitmasters meet up to compete for the title of best of the best, it is quite a sight. Carson Kressley, the new television personality, is also the show’s judge. Brooke Williamson is the host and Rodney Scott is the chef. In the pilot episode, they select their teams. It consists of ten episodes. The contestants address themes like Hometown Favourites, Competition and BBQ Hacks. ‘Cue (a celebration low and slow cooking inspired by the BBQ competition circuit), Seafood Showdown, and BBQ Around The World.

Ainsley’s Good Mood Food – S2

Sundays 6.30pm from October 1, through December 3.

Ainsley Harriott in season 2 of Good Mood Food

“A good meal can make my heart sing, and soothe my soul,” Ainsley Harriott says in Delicious mood food. We believe that watching him sing and laugh has a similar effect to ours, so it’s great to have him back. His second season of the cheerful series sees him laughing and sharing good food (and dancing). In each episode, he goes to the beach and cooks some meals.”It’s my happy place,”He says that he uses the barbecue to prepare dishes such as Dukkah-crusted roast lamb rack, served with warm carrots and smoked aubergine

Season 1 of Ainsley’s Good Mood Food is also streaming now at SBS On Demand. You can start with season 1 or jump into season 2. The episodes will be also available on SBS On Demand as soon as they air.

Grill License

Weekdays, 3pm – 10 October

Canadian cookbook author and Jamaican-born chef Rob Rainford brings his cheery enthusiasm to entertaining from the grill, sharing recipes for everything from his smoked salmon frittata to Tex Mex pork ribs with grilled pineapple salsa. No matter if you’re hosting a Greek or vegetarian barbecue party, he has plenty of ideas to brighten up your next barbecue party. 

You can catch up on episodes by SBS On Demand

Grill up another huge BBQ Season

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