Heim BBQ removes turkey from its menu due to rising cost

“For the last month, we haven’t been making money with turkey,”Travis Heim stated.

FORT WORTH, Texas — Travis Heim says he’s taken turkey off the menu at Heim BBQ.

“For the last month, we haven’t been making money with turkey,”Heim stated.

Problem? Problem: The problem? Turkey is currently too costly to buy.

“We’re paying almost, close to $2/pound more than we pay for our prime grade, certified angus brisket,”Heim stated. “So just crazy.”

This year, fresh-boned turkey breasts are on average $1.30 more expensive at grocery stores than they were last year. USDA Data.

Turkey’s supply is also low because of a There are reports of an epidemic of bird flu.

“It came to that point where the distributor was going to increase our price again, which was already just sky high,”Heim stated. “So it was like, we’re not going to make money on this. The last thing we want to do is increase our price for customers so we just took it off (the menu).”

It is hard to swallow the news that Turkey will be removed from September’s menu.

November, however, is not the month to be weeping.

“We escaped the issue of not having turkeys,”Sam Greenberg of Greenberg Smoked Turkeys Tyler declared. “We didn’t escape all the price increases though.

Greenberg said he placed his 2022 turkey order last November just to make sure they’d have enough birds for this year.

Greenberg explained that due to other rising costs such as bags, gloves and aprons they expect to charge 13% less for their birds in the coming year.

“I don’t have a second product to sell,” Greenberg said. “We sell smoked turkeys, and I don’t have a plan B. So I’ve got to have turkeys.”

Heim BBQ will be offering turkeys on Thanksgiving. But Heim said he’s not exactly sure how many they’ll be able to get.

“We have a committed amount of turkeys that they say they’re going to give us but then it’s kind of like, maybe you’re going to get that. Maybe not,”Heim stated. “So we’re looking at briskets, hams, just some alterative options. I think turkeys are going to be hard to come by in November.”

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Heim BBQ cuts turkey from the menu because of rising prices

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