You aren’t sure what kind of Korean barbecue to make at home? You don’t have the time or energy to shop for ingredients and prepare your meat. H Mart makes it easy to prepare your barbecue.

H MartThe website says that the company offers ready-to-eat meats. These can be marinated, then cooked. To make the process even easier, you can buy marinated meat or a jar with marinade. H Mart stocks a wide variety of meat marinades, such as pork belly, bulgogi and pork butt. Many barbecue marinades are available, such as galbi and bulgogi. Many marinades claim they can be used with beef. You can also find these marinades on Amazon. Amazon and in many local grocery stores.

H Mart will also have all of the ingredients you need to make authentic Korean meals, like gochujang, kimchi, and perilla leaves. H Mart offers everything you need, regardless of whether you want to buy ready-to-eat meats or make it from scratch.

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H Mart makes Korean barbecue at-home easier

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