Four Easy Steps to Clean Your Grill Brush

Even though cleaning your grill brush can seem simple, it’s not difficult. The following instructions will help you clean your grill brush quickly and easily.

You can read the following to find out what you need to do when cleaning your grill brush.

1. Grill Brush

Make sure you clean the grill brush properly after each use. The easiest way to clean the brush is immediately after use, while it is still damp.

Start by filling a large bucket with warm water, then add some dish soap. Either place the brush in the hot water and allow it to sit for a while, or wash it with soapy water.

The brush can usually be washed with soapy warm water. Sometimes, however, the brush may be more dirty than usual and will require additional cleaning.

2. You can also use another brush

You may have to change your mind if you notice that the grill brush is clogging up with more dirt and leftovers after washing it in soapy hot water. To ensure your brush stays clean, it may be a good idea to carry another brush.

You can use the second brush to remove any residue on the bristles. Simply move it around until you are satisfied. This will allow you to give your grill brush a thorough cleaning after use.

3. Boil it

Some residues can make it difficult for you to clean your grill brush using the mentioned methods. This is a sign that you need to make sure your grill brush is completely clean.

You can boil some water in a saucepan on the stove, and then drop your brush into it. To keep everything separate, you’ll likely use an old pot.

If you buy a grill brush like the grill rescue brush, these grill heads are dishwasher safe–making them an absolute breeze to clean! 

4. Use Oven Cleaner and Heat

You can try more drastic measures to clean your grill brush if it is extremely dirty. Protective gear is required for this tip.

Spray the oven cleaner on your grill brush and let it soak for at least 15 minutes. After your grill has been turned off but is still hot, you can place the grill brush on it and let it rest for approximately 15 minutes.

This method is dangerous and you should wear safety gear. You also need to know the material of your brush. You should avoid using this technique if your handle is made from plastic.

Option: Get a brand new Grill Brush

You may decide to buy a brand new grill brush if all other methods fail. This will keep your family and you safe from any harmful bacteria spread by the old one. You may need to buy a new grill brush if your previous attempts to clean it fail.

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Four Easy Steps to Clean Your Grill Brush

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