Grill Rescue Brush

What is the life expectancy of Grill Rescue Heads?

Depending on the extent of grill damage, a grill rescue brush will last between 25 and 100 cleanings. You can also store the Grill Rescue Brush away from direct sunlight to prolong its life. Users report that the brush heads can be used for over 100 times if stored correctly.

What’s Grill Rescue Brush made of?

The material used to make Grill Rescue Brushes is aramid fiber, which is a very durable fabric. It can also be used for making firefighter gear. 

Is it necessary to clean grills after each use?

After each use, it is best to wash your grill. It will keep gunk off your grill and allow you to get as many uses out of the Grill Rescue Brush as possible.

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Which Grill Brush is Safest?

Grill Rescue Brush is the most safest grill brush because it doesn’t have bristles that could come off and endanger your food. You don’t need to scrub your grill with an old brush. 

A Grill Rescue Brush can be used on what grills?

The grill rescue brush can be used on almost any type of grill. The grill rescue brush can be used with a flattop or griddle.

7 Easy Steps to Use a Grill Rescue Brush

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