5 Steps to use a Pellet Grill Smoke Tube

How to Use a Smoke Tube on a Pellet Grill

If you are reading this guide because you’ve already started cooking and want to add a smoke tube to your grill mid-cooking, don’t panic, because you can add a smoke tube at any time while you cook. However, it is recommended to place the smoke tube at the very beginning of your cooking. 

These are the steps to use a smoketube in a pellet-grill.

Step 1: Preheat Your Pellet Grill

Turn on your pellet grill. While it is best to add the smoke tube in the beginning, don’t waste smoke and have your grill on so you can begin cooking as soon as the smoke tube is ready.

Step 2: Empty the smoke tube

Make sure your smoke tube has dried completely before you load the pellets or wood chips into it. 

Step 3: Turn on the tube

The smoke tube should be placed on the grill grate. Light the tube using your lighter. You may need to leave the lighter on for a few minutes to ensure there’s a good flame. 

Step 4: Turn on the Smoke Tube

Allow the smoke tube to burn for fifteen minutes. If the wood pellets do not go out, you can relight them. The flame should be extinguished after 15 minutes. 

Step 5: Prepare your Food

You should be able to see smoke coming out of the tube after you have put out the flame. You can now put your food on the gas grill and start cooking.

To ensure that you are following the correct instructions, always refer to your brand’s instructions before you cook.

5 Steps to use a Pellet Grill Smoke Tube

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