Jimmy Fallon stops by the Sevier County BBQ joint

Jimmy Fallon shared a post on his Instagram page with a special shout-out to an East Tennessee BBQ restaurant, Preacher’s Smokehouse. Sam Steele, also known by his name, is the restaurant’s owner. “Preacher,”We appreciate your shoutout.

“We’ve had friends saying you’re world famous, not just locally famous. The more that we can get the word out to folks, the better,”Steele.

He claimed that he was a person who treated all people equally, no matter if they were locals, visitors, celebrities, etc.

“I didn’t ask him his name. We heckled him a little bit and we asked him where he was from and he said New York and I said bless your heart. We treat him like home folks like anybody else, not a big deal.”

Through this exposure, he is able spread the word about what he does.

In 2016, he began to serve food to victims of the Gatlinburg wildfires and found a love for cooking. His daily meals amounted to more than a thousand.

“Here we want to just love on you the way you are, that’s the big thing,” Steele. “We cook with love and love covers a multitude of sins is what scripture says.”

The money he earns at his restaurant is donated to charitable causes such as Kentucky flood victims.

“We need kindness today, we try out best to be kind to everybody that comes,”Steele.

You can find out more details about their opening hours here.


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Jimmy Fallon stops by the Sevier County BBQ joint

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