Kansas City barbecue passport: Your guide to city’s best BBQ


Rosedale Bar-B-Q’s Flying Pig dinner includes half a barbecue chicken and three ribs. Sides include fries and sausages.

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Guide to Kansas City BBQ

Here’s what to know about KC barbecue, including the history, how to eat like an expert, the best restaurants from locals, a guide and more.

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Barbecue in Kansas City is as varied and nuanced as people’s preferences for cuts of meat, sauces and spice rubs. With an estimated 100 barbecue restaurants in the metro, it’s a tricky landscape to navigate, especially if you’re new to town, are just visiting or haven’t found your favorite spots yet.

That’s why the team at The Kansas City Star created the Barbecue Passport, a tried and true roundup of the 10 spots that readers deemed the best of the best in our barbecue bracket.

Overall, the passport encompasses a wide spectrum of Kansas City barbecue experiences from foundational institutions like Arthur Bryant’s, Gates and Joe’s, to newer pitmasters bringing innovative ideas to the table.

You can use this passport to plan lunches or dinners, and impress people with your knowledge of barbecue. This passport can also be shared with friends for a race between them to find the best place to eat. This can be used as a way to plan your journey. You can start your journey of becoming a Kansas City barbecue master by visiting these essential Kansas City restaurants.

The Barbecue Passport: How do you use it?

1. Download The Kansas City Star’s Barbecue Passport, save it on your phone or print it out, and let the quest to eat at Kansas City’s favorite barbecue restaurants begin!

2. Barbecue. You can go as fast as you like or slow down as much as your stomach allows. Keep track of your progress using the Barbecue Passport.

3. Your experiences are welcome. Upload a photograph of yourself eating delicious barbecue at one of the Barbecue Passport places to your Instagram story. Make sure to use #TagTheStar @thekansascitystar, and we’ll re-share your picture to our Instagram story.

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Kansas City barbecue passport: Your guide to city’s best BBQ

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