In the oven, Korean-style BBQ ribs are possible


When you’re craving barbecue but don’t want to spend hours outside tending the grill, take the “grill”This is how to slow roast ribs in the oven. Korean barbecue inspired this recipe. This recipe uses a similar marinade to beef bulgogi.

You have two options when you are deciding which kind of ribs to make: spare or baby-back. Spare ribs are cut from the ribs closest to the belly and are meaty, bony and thick. Baby back ribs originate from where your spine meets the rib. They’re only called “baby” because they are shorter and thinner than spareribs – they don’t refer to the age of the pig. In this recipe, both will work. Baby back ribs require less preparation and time.

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Korean-style Bbq ribs are also possible in the oven

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