Let’s Eat at Choc’s BBQ and Southern Catering

Cowpens, S.C. Choc’s BBQ and Southern Catering in Cowpens has a menu full of Jeff Jordan and his family’s favorite meals.

Sandwiched 18-hour-smoked pork, on a platter with homemade sides like 5 cheese mac, cheese, baked beans, pasta salad or coleslaw.

Jeff Jordan dedicates his tribute to his grandfather. “The Greatest”. “Chocolate”Name of the restaurant. He was a key player in Jordan’s development of recipes, such as the sauces.

Choc’s is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Contact the staff for questions or catering at CHOC’S Barbeque Co. and Southern Catering Office at 5326 South Main Street

Contact us for inquiries about catering and food trailers at (864) 46-0282 or (864) 421-2802.

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Let’s Eat at Choc’s BBQ and Southern Catering

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