Moore House Barbeque dreams are realized by local man. This opportunity is growing.

Michael Moore was hungry for barbecue at the peak of the pandemic. However, he couldn’t find a suitable place to grill.

Moore, like many other people, had unanticipated free time which stimulated his curiosity.

Moore started barbecuing after he was given a grill pit by his brother. He also had a basic understanding of how to barbecue, which he learned while in fraternity. The business grew from a hobby that started out as a pandemic.

“I was barbecuing at the house all of the time,”Moore stated. “That was how I learned. I started researching Aaron Franklin and his book ‘A Meat Manifesto.’ That is where things really started to take a turn. I got inspired. I am a musician and a worship pastor at Pathway Church. The whole cooking process is like music, and Franklin talked about that in his book.”

Moore was able to connect music and cooking, which allowed him to explore his creativity. Moore then began to experiment with different recipes.

“I got pretty obsessed with it,”He said. “I started cooking for people and using them as my guinea pigs. Here we are two years now and I have done successful fundraisers for my church. I did Riverfest two years in a row. I cooked brisket nachos for that, and people just loved it. People have been getting me to cater for their weddings.”

Moore believed that more opportunities meant more possibilities.

“So far things have been going really well,”He said. “Our community in Port Neches has been really supportive. I am excited about the future. I have a dream one day to have a venue so me and all of my friends can play music on the weekend and have live music during the week. But in the meantime, I am going to keep doing what I am doing with the food trailer and pop up around the Golden Triangle and see where it takes me.”

Moore credits God with the constant opportunities to grow Moore House Barbeque.

“My landlord for my house owns the spot that we are at,”He said. “I asked him if he minds if we have a bunch of wood in our backyard. That popped up the question of what I was doing… We ended up working out a deal where he would lease that land to me by Debbie’s Delights.”

Moore stated that the location is usually open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. However, Moore suggested that you keep up-to-date by following Moore House Barbeque’s Facebook page.

Moore claimed that current favorite dishes are the brisket macaroni with brisket and cheddar cheese and a homemade barbecue glaze, as well as the brisket nachos which includes white queso, jalapenos along with barbecue and brisket.

“I am working on some recipes right now that I think people are going to love,”He said. “I am working on a pulled-pork po’boy with melted pepper jack cheese. I have a lot of Cajun influences, so down the road we will do some gumbo. We have our own family boudin recipe.”

Moore expressed his hope that Moore’s experience will encourage others to chase their dreams.

“If you have a dream, there is no reason you have to keep doing a 9-5,”He said. “You can break out of the mode. This was just a dream that I had. It has been one of the most fulfilling things to see it become a reality.”

Moore House Barbeque dreams are realized by local man. This opportunity is growing.

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