China: Man in Prison 24 Years for Attacking Women at a BBQ Restaurant after his Advances Rejected

China: Man sentenced to 24 Years in Prison and Fined S$64K after attacking women at a BBQ joint

A man from China assaulted two Chinese women after their advances were refused. It caused outrage around the globe.

Nine Women are being held in China after an attack on women. Victims are offered legal assistance by charity

His savage assault was caught on CCTV, leading to the arrest of nine people — including seven men and two women.

Source: @Byron_Wan Twitter

Friday 23 September: Primary aggressor was sentenced to 24 years in prison and fined S$64208 (322,000 yuan).

A man attacked women in China after being rejected at a Beijing barbecue restaurant.

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA)Chen Jizhi, 41 (pictured above), started hitting women when they wouldn’t accept his advances in Tangshan on the 10th of June.

Chen and his buddies began to attack the women using chairs, bottles and other things found in the restaurant.

They struck the women in the heads and then took the women out to continue beatings.

bbq china attacking women

Source: @Byron_Wan Twitter

CCTV footage clearly shows the severe injuries and bloody faces of these women.

Officials described it as an act of terror and part of an investigation. ‘gang-related crime’It is often referred to as gender-based by many online communities.

He faces serious jail time for attacking man and his associates

Authorities discovered Chen was a leader of gangs during their investigations. “menaced the public”.

He had previously been convicted of other offenses, including opening a casino in 2012 before the attack.

A variety of offenses were found to be his fault, including intentional injury, disorderly conduct, and robbery. “gathering a mob to fight”.

He was sentenced to 24 years’ jail for his actions and fined S$64,208 (320,000 yuan).

26 accomplices were sentenced with terms ranging from 6 months to 11 years.

South China Morning Post also reports that 19 were fined between S$601 (3,000 yuan) and  S$27,087 (135,000 yuan).

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China: Man in Prison 24 Years for Attacking Women at a BBQ Restaurant after his Advances Rejected

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