Marvin Hereford Executed Beloit Man Outside BBQ Joint

In 2019, Governor. Tony Evers’ Parole Commission has released hundreds of convicted criminals, freeing them early on parole mostly into Wisconsin communities, including more than 270 murderers and attempted murderers, and more than 44 child rapists.

Marvin Hereford was one of them. His release was not mandatory.

32th place in the series.

Marvin Hereford, a Beloit 25-year-old man was shot in the head by a jury. “shouted racial obscenities and attempted to leave the Dane County courtroom,”Wausau Daily Herald, an article from the past.

He shot and killed Frank Gurley in 1991 outside Mr. Do’s Bar-B-Que Restaurant.

Hereford was the one who shot Gurley in his back.

Hereford is a black man. The black Hereford shouted racist obscenities to the white jury.

Hereford from Beloit walked in front of the victim before going to a tavern. “shot him in the back of the head, the old newspaper articles said

Evers’ Parole Commission Freed Marvin Hereford Early

Marvin hereford

Date paroled: 10/06/2020 [You can run Duychak’s parole date here by putting in his name and clicking on “movement”]

Actual Residence Beloit, Wisconsin

Age: 53

Convicted: 1992. Intentional murder in the first degree.

Sentence:  Life. For killers who have been sentenced to life, mandatory release is not possible. This parole was voluntary. Marvin hereford Marvin hereford Marvin hereford

Frank Gurley, 25; The Victim

His tombstoneHis wife describes Gurley as a father-husband.

This is what the Killer did

Marvin Hereford was convicted of the first degree intentional murder in an armed setting.

She was 25.

Hereford, who was 22 at the time of the murder, was angry. “something Gurley had said to his girlfriend,”An article from the Wisconsin State Journal.

The district attorney called Hereford. “cold-blooded killer.”An old newspaper article stated that the chief of police claimed the victim attempted to stop an argument or intervene in an altercation.Marvin hereford

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Marvin Hereford Executed Beloit Man Outside BBQ Joint

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