If you’re craving barbecue you must make a visit to Johns BBQ on Glenwood Avenue.

Warning Number Warning Number. Warning No. In my household, we refer to these as stretchy trousers. Be aware, you’ve been warned.

You have three choices for barbecuing: pork, chicken and beef. The menu includes more than barbecue, so it’s a perfect place for any cravings you may have.

My choice is barbecue pork. There’s just something about the taste of the tender, flavorful pork with the juicy, perfect sauce.

It is mixed already with pork. This I prefer. I prefer that the sauce be added to my meat prior to cooking and let it simmer for as long as possible.

I would like to enjoy my food.

Alert No. 2: You’ll need plenty of napkins.

Hot slaw is a must-try. It is prepared in house by our restaurant. It’s great with barbecue or baked beans. You could pair it with almost any type of savory food.

They look delicious!

Warning number 3. Warning 3: You won’t resist homemade desserts.

The restaurant makes them in the early mornings, so you will enjoy the freshest crust and filling you’ve every consumed.

Meringue has a light, airy texture that melts in your mouth. There’s an art to a good meringue, and I’d say they have perfected it. Martha Stewart would have been proud. The coconut pie is my choice, but you can’t go wrong selecting the peanut butter pie.

Each of my husbands and I get one, so that we have them both. We’ve thought this thing out. Johns BBQ serves delicious barbecue and coconut pie among other mouthwatering dishes. You can choose your favourite dish from their menu.

Just don’t forget to wear those stretchy pants. You’ve been warned.

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