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Kosso can be described as a way of feeling. It’s sitting at the dining table, shoulder-to-shoulder with the people you love. It’s savouring every mouthful of a home-cooked meal. It’s the memories of a time long gone when you felt the most alive. And it’s the ethos behind Tea Tree Plaza’s next Korean BBQ restaurant.

The latest addition to the Plaza’s food offerings, KOSSO Korean BBQ has all the offerings you know and love about the cuisine – built-in BBQs and DIY meats but the recipes and meals come with meaning. There’s a strong family element behind KOSSO and how it came to be.

Driven by a longing for his mother’s cooking, KOSSO owner Lee Younglin wanted to create a place where he could share his mother’s own recipes with the masses.

“Mum visits Adelaide from Korea for three months out of the year, and during this time she will fill us with as much home-cooked food as she can,”He explains.

“She fills us to the brim with treats and her homemade kimchi and when she returns to Korea, we miss those flavours and the homely feeling they provide. She gave us her secrets recipes so that we could continue to eat well when she was away.

“These recipes are the story of KOSSO; a place where we can create dishes just like mum would make, savouring the memories and sharing her delicious meals with the world while we await her return.”

Lee stated that while the entire menu won’t be made available at this time, Lee said that there will be vegetarian and gluten-free options.

“Vegans and vegetarians can also be seated away from other patrons if requested to avoid smoke from barbecue meats,”He explains.

“Our head chef is also happy to adjust dishes wherever possible to accommodate patrons’ preferences.”

Lee plans to open KOSSO within the coming weeks. However, he hasn’t yet set a date.

KOSSO is located in Westfield, Tea Tree Plaza on the ground level at Shop 12

You can follow this link for the latest information about opening day and changes to menu. Instagram.

New Korean BBQ plays homage to mum’s secret recipes • Glam Adelaide

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