New Oklahoma BBQ Restaurant Now Opens in South Tulsa

The family-owned Oklahoma barbecue restaurant, Oklahoma Barbeque now has a South Tulsa location.

The Love’s have been cooking barbeque together and serving Oklahoma customers since 2015, and last month, they opened the first location in Tulsa.

Brian Love and Aisha Love founded their first restaurant in Haskell. After that, they opened another one in Okmulgee.

Brian shared that it had been his ambition to open one here in Tulsa. The couple expanded and opened a second location.

“It has been crazy. We are very appreciative and thank Tulsa,”Brian. “We were able to enter the building after doors opened. The good Lord had other plans and we were able go in and give it our best shot.”

On the menu, you can find traditional barbeque from sliced brisket, to smoked chicken, bologna, and ribs, the number one seller.

You’ll find sides like beans and potato salad, and other entrees like loaded baked potatoes and catfish.

“Everything we do is done with love. Everything is made from scratch, starting from my kitchen to our desserts. We believe if you take care of the customer, give them a good product, they’ll take care of you,”Brian.

You can grab something to eat from Tuesday through Saturday between 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.

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New Oklahoma BBQ Restaurant Now Opens in South Tulsa

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