Norwich: Sunday Roasts to be served at Artichoke Pub by Stoked BBQ

6.49 AM on October 6, 2022

A city street food kitchen known for its southern American-inspired barbeque dishes has now set its sights on a British classic.

Stoked, located at The Artichoke pub on Magdalen Road will be serving roast dinners Sunday, 12pm – 6pm.

The plant-based firm has been a resident at the NR3 watering hole since August and now settled, it plans to expand its offerings starting with the Sunday favourite.

Billy Reeve (33 years old) stated that he is the owner. “The past two months in Norwich have been fantastic and now we are looking to expand what we offer.

“Most vegan roasts come without a centerpiece or a nuts roast, which can be a problem. We’ll be serving our roasts alongside port gravy, herby potatoes, and lots of other veg and stuffing.

“Later this year we will also be offering a four course fine dining evening which we hope to start in November.”

Stoked offers 2-4-1 for mains on Wednesday night, making it a great option for midweekers.

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Norwich: Sunday Roasts to be served at Artichoke Pub by Stoked BBQ

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