Nov. 2—Fixing to bring the delights of slow-cooked, smoked meat to Westbrook, Paper City BBQ has opened in the Main Street space vacated last year by Big Fin Poke.

It is located at 855 Main St., where it specializes on smoked meats and locally brewed beer. Co-owner Tom Minervino said Paper City — named in honor of Westbrook’s paper-producing history — is a sister operation to the adjacent Legends Rest Taproom, under the same ownership.

Legends is only 1000 square feet in size and has 35 seating. Minervino said that the new BBQ restaurant is 3000 square feet in size and can accommodate 60 people. He and his partners — sister Meg Minervino and Mike Barton — approached their landlord about the space after Big Fin Poke vacated in 2021 to move to Rock Row.

The inspiration for the barbecue concept was partly Chef Matt Burns’ experience in Kansas City, Missouri. This is one of the country’s most famous barbecue capitals. Burns also owns Legends. He has been there as a chef since 2018.

“It’s what he wanted to do,” Minervino said. “And it seemed like a good fit, because there’s not really a barbecue place in Westbrook.”

Minervino stated that Paper City’s approach isn’t restricted by regional authenticity. To create great barbecue, they mix and match American barbecue styles. “We really just wanted everything to taste as good as it could,”He stated.

You will find classic entrees like pulled pork and brisket, pork belly and house sausage as well as St. Louis barbecueribs and pork belly. These entrees can be paired with 2 traditional sides (from $17-21). Paper City offers sandwich options with barbecued meats and side dishes for $16

Paper City is available Wednesday through Saturday from 4-9 pm and Sunday from 4-9 pm and Saturday from 4-10 pm.


This week, the owner of Capital Thai Kitchen and Bar in Exeter (New Hampshire) opened a new Thai restaurant in Portland’s Old Port.

Dok Mali opened Tuesday, at 47 India St. Nonglack Thanephonesy was the chef-owner and renovated the space several times over the course of several months in order to build her 32-seat restaurant.

Dok Mali’s starters include pork bao and double-fried Brussels sprouts. You can choose from classics such as pad Thai or drunken noodles. Or you could try more innovative dishes, like a double-fried Brussels sprouts and pad Thai. “La La Pork,”Braised pork belly and bokchoi, egg with ginger rice or the “Lion King,”In the masaman curry, braised shortribs with potatoes, carrots, and roast peanuts

Dok Mali will remain open on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 11:30 am and 8:30 pm and Friday and Saturday from 11:30 until 9 pm.


Twin Swirls Ice Cream was launched in Portland’s Nason’s Corner last weekend after being delayed for several months.

Sarah Palmer, a renovator of the 1225-square foot space at 865 Brighton Ave., has been working since March. Palmer had hoped to have the project completed before Memorial Day but permits and construction delays prevented that from occurring.

Twin Swirls — named for Palmer’s twin 7-year-old daughters, Alex and Sage — sells soft serve ice cream and hard ice creams from Gifford’s, as well as shakes and sundaes with homemade toppings like apple compote and brownies, and coffees from Coffee by Design. It is only open outside and you can place orders through a window.

Palmer said that Twin Swirls should be open all year round, as some of Palmer’s early customers suggested. “I’ll stay open as long as it makes sense,”She stated.


Andrew Chadwick is the Executive Chef at Inn by the Sea. He left Cape Cod just a few weeks ago. He has been replaced by the resort.

David Brown, who hails from South Portland, has been promoted to executive sous chef late in December. This was to allow him to assume the reins at Inn by the Sea. This new executive chef brings more than 20 years experience to the table in Portland, Arkansas and upstate New York.

“I plan to simplify menus and focus on seasonality and quality of ingredients with a clean, uncluttered cooking style,”Brown declared. “The ingredients should speak for themselves, with recipes that support the flavors they have to offer.”

“We are delighted to have Chef David Brown move up to take over leadership in the kitchen and deepen our longstanding commitment to local producers,”Michael Briggs, Inn by the Sea’s Managing Director, said: “Whether celebrating a special event or enjoying a casual meal, the chef’s approachable menu, with a concept of ‘food for all,’ will bring people together around the table.”

Chadwick was born in Massachusetts. Chadwick is a Massachusetts native. He worked at Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod as an executive sous-chef before assuming the position of executive chef at Sea Glass.


Ellsworth will host the 5th Downeast Cider and Cheese Festival on Friday November 11. There will be a book discussion led by Claude Jolicoeur (respected cider specialist).

Jolicoeur, author “The New Cider Maker’s Handbook” “Cider Planet,”To discuss his work, he will be at Flexit Café, 142 Main St.

Register for $25 now Light refreshments will be served, and Jolicoeur’s books can be purchased.

Festival Markets and cider pressing demos will be held on Saturday, 11/11. Live music will be available. You can find the complete schedule online.

Westbrook’s Paper City BBQ is open

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