Philly BBQ, pizza spot shut down Astros’ World Series catering request

This Week, the Houston Astros will spend significant time in Philadelphia as they play the Phillies for their World Series. They’ll need to grab some food worthy of pro baseball players.

It is a difficult job for them, but they have a lot to do because those responsible for the top food are more interested in sports than making a profit.

According to posts on the social media accounts of the restaurants, at least two popular eateries – Angelo’s Pizzeria & Mike’s BBQ — have turned down requests from the Astros for catering.

Here’s the Mike’s BBQ Instagram post. Lisa Clarke (Astros dietician) reached out to the restaurant in search of catering ideas.

Clarke called Mike. This is completely bizarre. “Gil”He appeared to be looking for Latin food, which Mike’s doesn’t serve. Clarke may have been trying to contact Gil Arends (4th Street, Society Hill)?

That’s it.

Next, we have two posts by Danny, the genius behind Angelo’s pizza and sandwiches at 9th Street. 

Danny posted a video on his Instagram story in which they refuted the suggestion that Angelo’s had cooked for the Astros. Shortly after, Keith Rudolf, Phillies team chef, reposted a story showing a party tray with Angelo’s hoagies to fuel the Phillies ahead Game 3.

That’s how it works. There are two strikes.

The saying “Strike One, Strike Two” is well-known. Good luck


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Philly BBQ, pizza spot shut down Astros’ World Series catering request

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