Jackson reports Aug. 13-18 on the rescue of West Texas BBQ puppies.

JACKSON, MI – More than 50 volunteers walked into a Jackson County marsh this week in an effort to save a group of abandoned puppies.

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Three days of searching saw abandoned dogs rescued from the Jackson County swamp.

Over 50 people volunteered to search for the five dogs in Jackson County’s marsh. It took them three days. The majority of the dogs were found by strangers.

Stephany Petsch stated that people rallied behind the dogs after news spread via social media. The search was organized by her.

After a lengthy search, four of the pups were finally found. After a long search, four of the puppies were found safely. They were treated and then adopted. Unfortunately, the fifth dog was struck by a vehicle. He later succumbed to his injuries.

West Texas BBQ has new owners and they’re sticking to the original recipe

Hunter Sullivan grew up eating West Texas barbecue, and thought it was the best.

Sullivan was the tenth child in a 10-sibling family. His mom was always cooking holiday meals for hungry families. So, his mom would always get a bunch of beef brisket for the family that would act as an appetizer, and it was always a favorite of Sullivan’s.

That brisket was from Jackson’s West Texas BBQ, and when he saw the business was for sale, Sullivan said he knew he had to act fast to buy it and keep the business running for the Jackson community.

Two Jackson houses are occupied by crews who fight fires back-to-back

Jackson firefighters were hard at work Sunday night fighting flames inside homes. They were also called in to an emergency when they weren’t on the ground.

The Jackson Fire Department reports that fire fighters responded to calls to report on a fire at a Jackson residence located in the 900 block of Williams Street.

Officials said that heavy flames were coming from the roof of the residence and elsewhere in the property when they arrived. Although firefighters tried to get inside, they discovered the house was unoccupied. At the time, it was under renovation and didn’t have any floor. The fire was extinguished by crews from the outside.

The renovation of the Jackson fire station, which was recently reopened, cost nearly $650K

Jackson has plans to bring up-to-date recently reopened firehouse.

RW Mercer Company presented a bid for the management of upgrades and remodeling at Fire Station No. Two were approved by the Jackson City Council at their Aug. 9 meeting.

RW Mercer (a Jackson-based general contractor) offered the lowest bid of $646,000.40, according to Elmer Hitt’s letter to the council.

Jackson is sentenced for his brutal beating of his wife and was sent to prison for many decades

A man sentenced for beating his wife with an alcoholic bottle is likely to serve at least 21 years imprisonment, in spite of the pleas of both suspect and victim.

Jackson Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson sent Joshua Nelson (41), from 21 to 35 Years in Prison.

Concord bought a steer to help feed the hungry from the fair. It’s not his only good deed

To feed the hungry, a young Concord man sold his steer at the Jackson County Fair.

Josh Hicks, 21 years old, knew that he was passionate about helping others. A youth 4-H member, Josh Hicks purchased him a steer and donated it to a good cause.

Being a former 4-H’er himself, Hicks turned to friends, whose 13-year-old daughter, Jordyn Reinker, of Horton, was participating in 4-H at the fair this year to make his purchase.

$10M state loan will fund upgrades at Jackson’s wastewater treatment plant

A state loan will help renovate Jackson’s 85-year-old wastewater treatment plant.

The Jackson City Council approved a contract worth $10.2-million with Spence Brothers of Saginaw to improve the plant’s condition at its Tuesday, August 9 meeting. The funds are coming from a loan from the state of Michigan’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund, according to a city council memo.

CWSRF can help qualified municipalities with financing for their wastewater infrastructure construction and improvement. Jackson’s loan has a principal forgiveness of 20 percent, according to a memo to city council.

Lifeways Crisis Services are now available at weekends

LifeWays Crisis Services is now available for those who are in crisis on weekends.

LifeWays strives to be a 24/7 provider of crisis services since the beginning of this year. The service offers 24-hour care for people with mental illnesses.

LifeWays’ emergency services have been extended to 7 AM to 7 PM Saturday and Sunday as a way to reach this goal. In addition to existing hours Monday through Friday of 7am to 7pm, this is an extension to LifeWays’ emergency services.

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Jackson reports Aug. 13-18 on the rescue of West Texas BBQ puppies.

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