REVIEW: 22″ Hot Dog, Twisted Taters, Acid Pie, and More From Killer BBQ Food Booth at Universal Studios Hollywood During Halloween Horror Nights 2022

The Universal Studios Hollywood Killer BBQ Food Booth will offer a range of mouthwatering food selections during Halloween Horror Nights 2022.

killer bbq food booth 211813
killer bbq food booth 211623

22″ All Beef Hot Dog – $24.99

killer bbq food booth 211232

It’s a hot dog! They are big and packed with flavor. “hot dog flavor”It is the dog.

killer bbq food booth 211309

Frankfurters can be more than 1/2 inch thick, and 22 inches in height. Hot dogs are flavored with ketchup that is only made from chipotle, mustard and mayonnaise.

killer bbq food booth 211311

Overall, this dish is very strong – like licking the hot dog roller from a 7-Eleven that hasn’t had maintenance since Obama was in office.

killer bbq food booth 211313

It will fulfill your hot dog cravings. You will only get a tiny amount of this concentrated flavor. It’s odd that the one entree which wasn’t bland and tasteless at this booth just happened to be a very strong flavor.

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich – $13.99

Pulled chicken, Coca-Cola BBQ sauce, colelaw and seasoned fries

killer bbq food booth 210706

It was the only item of barbecue on the menu. This was the worst. It was bland. It was almost as if the chicken’s flavor had been taken away by alien Klowns. BBQ sauce tasteless. It gave rise to a bland paste mistakenly referred to as pulled chicken. Also, the slaw was very bland with only a hint of vinegar to offset the chicken’s extremely moist texture. We were generally disappointed by most items at this kiosk, with the exception of this sandwich. 

Loaded Mac N’ Cheese – $13.99

Chili & panko breadcrumbs with mac & cheese

killer bbq food booth 210825

It was similar to a boring Mac and Cheese, but with bland chili. The chili itself wasn’t bland, it was just mediocre. The mac and cheese wasn’t good. It tasted the same as regular elbow macaroni, and was extremely bland.

killer bbq food booth 210827

Combining the chili and mac only made the chili mediocre. The dish is, as many other at the booth’s, mediocre. “lowest common denominator” selection of flavors that don’t really take a stand in any direction – no particular flavor, no spice, nothing to remember fondly. While they count for food, the flavors are bland enough that they almost seem uninteresting. 

Loaded Nachos – $13.99

Tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce, chili, sour cream & sliced jalapeños

killer bbq food booth 210804

This classic movie theatre nacho is made with cream cheese, cream chili and generous amounts of pickled jalapenos.

killer bbq food booth 210806

They were fairly standard, and not very special. These are good enough for survivors who survived a night running from monsters and Killer Klowns. 

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Twisted Taters – $9.99

Choose from black garlic or cheese buffalo.

ush hhn 2022 twisted taters 9923

All of them were very good. These are thinly sliced so that they taste more like French fries rather than potato chips. All were delicious, and the problem is minor. It is easy to see why Universal Studios Hollywood’s Twisted Taters are so popular.

 Blue Cheese Buffalo

ush hhn 2022 twisted taters 9927

It was delicious. This one was full of seasonings and featured a buffalo-style vinegar sauce. It was mildly spicy but not over-hot, with a balanced blue cheese flavor.

ush hhn 2022 twisted taters 9928

This was by far the most well-liked of all three. 

BBQ Tater

ush hhn 2022 twisted taters 9925

Another great option. The barbecue rub is a little spicy, but it’s not too salty like many other barbecue seasonings. This tater’s barbecue sauce is superior to the one that was in the wet chicken sandwich. It’s tough to say whether this or the buffalo blue cheese was the winner, but you can’t go wrong with either one.

Truffle Parmesan & Black Garlic

ush hhn 2022 twisted taters 9937

Despite being the least favourite of all three, it was delicious. It’s definitely cheesy and the truffle comes through well, which is always nice.

ush hhn 2022 twisted taters 9939

But it didn’t wow us as much as the others and therefore is moved to the bottom of the list not for anything wrong with it but only by default. 

Acid Pie – $9.99

Apple pie with vanilla Ice Cream, Watermelon Candy, Whipping topping, and Maraschino Cherry

killer bbq food booth 210558

This booth was undoubtedly the most unforgettable. A thick scoop of vanilla cream is added to the top crust. The cherry-flavored cream is then added to the top, along with one piece of cotton candy and watermelon. The ice cream held up well and didn’t leak or shift through the entire time we were eating all the other foods. Everything is delicious and well balanced. It’s exactly what we wanted. It’s a great choice as a theme. Once it becomes too moist, however it can be difficult to eat. We loved this booth treat and will definitely return for more. 

Fanta Zombie Fizz

killer bbq food booth 215555

Coca-Cola’s exclusive soda flavor can be purchased only at its freestyle machine. This soda has a purple hue. The soda tastes almost identical to melted gummyworms.

killer bbq food booth 215831

Tom Corless described it as “Willy Wonka’s Sweat,”It is also an apt description. With being so warm and walking through these sweaty, latex covered houses we were more in the mood for something that would hydrate and satisfy but for what it is — an event for Halloween — this is like drinking your Halloween candy in a cup, which is appropriate. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying the refillable cup just to try this soda, but if you already have one it’s definitely worth a sip just to say you experienced this exclusive flavor. 

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REVIEW: 22″ Hot Dog, Twisted Taters, Acid Pie, and More From Killer BBQ Food Booth at Universal Studios Hollywood During Halloween Horror Nights 2022

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