Smorgasburg LA’s ‘BBQ Day’ Celebrates Its Savory 6th Anniversary – NBC Los Angeles

Here are some things to know

  • Smorgasburg LA ROW DTLA
  • Sunday August 28th, 10 am-4 pm
  • Admission is completely free

Sizzle Season is July-August. Sizzle Season is when temperatures rise to dangerously high levels, outdoors surfaces may become too hot and everyday objects could be subject to heat waves.

The best summer sizzle, at minimum for many meat lovers, is the one that starts at a backyard grill or a barbecue booth at a farmer’s market or eats at scrumptious food trucks, the one with sour-strong menu.

We’re now in the calendar’s most barbecue-centric stretch. Labor Day Weekend may be the most carnivore-friendly weekend.

At Smorgasburg (LA)Despite what’s happening at the Row DTLA Event on, it is already ahead of the holiday weekend outlook Sunday, Aug. 28.

It’s the 6th Annual BBQ day, and the outdoor food marketplace, which is one the largest in the country on any Sunday, will welcome many barbecue-perfecting professionals to the snacky scene.

Maple Block Meat Co. is there to offer a selection of Super Brisket Tacos as well as Pork Coppa Ribs. You can also find pulled pork, chicken, and other delicious options at the domestic BBQ.

Smoke Queen Barbecue, Horn Barbecue are two of the items on this invitation. This is what makes the meat-and-more scene so memorable.

Free entryThere are also desserts and vegetarian options available at the under-the-sun spectacular. Food and drinks will be charged.

Important! Please, thank you to Smorgasburg LA for allowing dogs at home on BBQ Day. More details? More details? Online HQ

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Smorgasburg LA’s ‘BBQ Day’ Celebrates Its Savory 6th Anniversary – NBC Los Angeles

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