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The criminal case against those involved in the scandalous case has received new information ‘Tangshan BBQ incident.’ 

Apart from the sentence handed down by court, media outlets reported a surprising detail from last week’s court hearing. 

SINA News Reports that one of the main defendants who perpetrated the violence – a male named as Chen Jizhi – at one point “cried bitterly and apologized to the country and to Tangshan.”

(Cue the small violins. 

The People’s Court of Guangyang district, Langfang city, Hebei province ruled that Chen was guilty of picking quarrels and provoking trouble, robbery, involvement in gang brawls, illegal gambling, illegal detentions, deliberately causing injury to others, assisting with online criminal activities and other charges. 

Chen was sentenced for 24 years in fixed jail and fined RMB320,000 

Another 27 people were also arrested. The penalties ranged from six months to eleven years, with fines ranging from RMB3,000 to RMB130,000. 

The court has ordered Chen and six other defendants to cover medical expenses and any other costs for the victims of the BBQ. 

Individuals who had been convicted for crimes also included people who had “protected”These are people who have been connected to organized criminality. 

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Weibo is the place where you can find the most current news. As of press time, one hashtag had received more than 1 billion hits. 

The incident occurred in Tangshan’s Lubei district on June 10, 2022.

CCTV footage shows a man trying flirt with a female in a restaurant. The woman refuses to accept his advances and a group of men outside drags him out, beating her viciously.

Two of the women who were attacked by men were taken to hospital. One of the women attacked, named Wang, suffered serious injuries. 

This case brought awareness to violence against women and organized crime in Tangshan (and other cities nearby)

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Tangshan BBQ Thug ‘Cries and Apologizes’ in Court Hearing – Thatsmags.com

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