Smoke on the Water’s 24th anniversary honors chili and barbecue champions

WASHINGTON (WITN) – Smoke on the Water concluded in Washington Saturday with new chilis and BBQ winners.

Eric Johnson of Washington shared his top favorite part about the festival with me.

“Ahh, just smelling, quite frankly, smelling all the food,”Johnson

Saturday’s BBQ competition took place on Saturday morning with the chili cook off following. Sam Summerlin won the Chili Cook-off. His winning recipe is special, he said.

“It’s a pork tenderloin chili, and I fire roast all the vegetables on the grill- all of its cooked on the grill,”Summerlin. “We just a homemade seasoning for the chili blend, so its got some special touched to it.”

There’s also a BBQ and an art contest. There were two categories in the BBQ contest: the traditional wood- and charcoal cooking division, as well as the state championship. Kevin Peterson and Andy Harrison won the state title for traditional cooking. Scott Williams won showmanship and David Gradny won gas.

Katelyn Kozuch, a teacher in the school with P.S. Jones Middle School brought in her students for a chalk fest contest.

“They’re creating whatever they want in their mind for the theme fall fun, so it’s just a great beautiful day,” said Kozuch. “It benefits lots of charities in the area, so I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Smoke on the Water Festival is a fundraiser for local charities. It’s estimated that 2022 is their best year yet, raising a total of $30,000 dollars.

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Smoke on the Water’s 24th anniversary honors chili and barbecue champions

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