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It’s been a hot minute since I last reviewed a burger for the On the Burger Trail series. The series was a little tired after eating more than 180 hamburgers. I decided not to continue looking for the best hamburger, but to restrain myself.

Due to the rise in popularity of beefy goodness and the openings of new restaurants, I brought back Dining Month. If all goes well, I plan to continue the series on a monthly basis. I may even revisit some classic burgers and old favorites, just to see how they’ve held up over the years.

Sweet Smoke BBQ pop up
(414) 253-3553

Since returning to The Burger Trail, I seem like I’ve had an unusual streak in luck with finding new burgers and they live up to my expectations. I’m taking it as a sign that restaurants are truly upping their game in the burger realm, and I definitely hope it continues.

So when I decided to visit Sweet Smoke BBQ at Enlightened Brewing’s Sunday burger day, I was hopeful that their nascent concept would hit all the right notes.

Sweet Smoke was launched in the summer. It’s currently a pop-up shop operated by Adam Beilke and his wife, Cindi. Adam is a smoked meat hobbyist-turned-professional whose obsession with barbeque began with a trip to one of the nation’s finest, Franklin BBQ in Austin. 

Sweet Smoke BBQ Smoked Brisket Smashburger

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