A massive BBQ at AT&T Stadium saw 3 pigs being pardoned

Arlington Mayor Jim Ross saved the three pitmasters porks to help promote this initiative “Q BBQ Fest”AT&T Stadium

ARLINGTON, Texas — Smoke will fill the Arlington skies this weekend as 30,000 pounds of brisket, chicken, pulled pork and ribs grill their way to delicious perfection outside AT&T Stadium.

Following a pre-BBQ ceremony, three pardoned porcs were released from the smoker.

Stephen Jones and Arlington Mayor Jim Ross attended the pardoning ceremony on Wednesday afternoon. Tyler Biadasz was Cowboys center. It was done to promote Dallas Cowboys. “Q BBQ Fest” The Miller Lite House is open this weekend, right outside of the AT&T Stadium’s west entrance.

North Texas will see the Cowboys’ home host. It began in St. Louis over a decade ago. “the finest pitmasters from across Texas and throughout the country to dish out award-winning smoked meats.”

“First of all y’all can tell by looking at me I’m all about eating some BBQ,”Mayor Ross laughed.

This event will feature live music, food and drink. Live music will be featured at the event. Blocking HungerA benefit of Campaign That Biadasz and other Cowboys teammates will be also provided

“It’s hard for me to imagine not knowing when is my next meal,”Biadasz talked about why he joined the DFW effort to reduce food insecurity in children’s lives.

In the original plan, this outdoor festival would have its Friday section on Saturday or Sunday. The Friday event has been cancelled due to extreme weather. Brian Wahby (event organizer) stated that Friday tickets would be accepted on Saturday or Sunday.

“But the only thing that is coming out of the sky on Saturday and Sunday will be smoke,”Wahby declared.

They didn’t smoke the pork pigs that they pardoned and named Cee Dee Ham, Treyvon Pigs, Ezekielpig–Elliott. According to reports, they are heading to a nearby farm far from barbecue-loving people at AT&T Stadium.

Saturday November 5th from 11:00 AM to 8 PM, Sunday Nov 6th from 10 AM to 4 PM.

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A massive BBQ at AT&T Stadium saw 3 pigs being pardoned

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