Tyrus Talks NWA74 Funkasaurus BBQ Billy Corgan, and Other Topics!

On August 27th and 28th, the two-night NWA 74th Anniversary Show (or AKA NWA 74) will be held in St. Louis. This PPV was the most recent from the historical National Wrestling Alliance. The show is being owned by Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins.

The Best There are many matches announcedThe match between Trevor Murdoch (NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion) and Tyrus Murdoch (current NWA Television Champion), will excite fans the most. This is certain to be an exciting thriller.

Tyrus spoke with The Blast about the match and the show. His boss, Funkasaurus was also mentioned and if there is ever a chance of him returning to a WWE ring. All of these and much more can be found in the first interview.

Tyrus Wants To Be The Next Champion At The NWA Worlds

NWA 74

Tyrus will take on the NWA Worlds Championship, one of the biggest in professional wrestling. This championship was held over the past by legendary wrestlers Dusty Rhodes (Hazel Race), Ric Flaair and Harley Race, among others.

Origin from the former NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis was the one who was to have the match with Murdoch, but after Corgan pulled him from the match and inserted Tyrus for reasons people still don’t 100% know and still want to learn about. The answer may lie at NWA 74. But for now, Tyrus realized how important this moment was and is prepared to speak exclusively with The Blast. “You know, our owner Billy Corgan is a very easy guy to talk to, so you know all are welcome but there’s only one Television Champion and and not only is it ironic in the title but I’m also a Champion on TV as well. I got the number one show on TV every time I’m on TV, the ratings go up at least 600,000 so I am the embodiment of a Television Champion in the ring and out of the ring, so you gotta pry this one out of my dead hands and that’s why when after my seventh title defense, Billy’s people said , “Are you gonna relinquish it for a title shot? And I was like, “No this is not a Championship that you relinquish, this Championship, that has to be taken off me.”

He continued, “Now I understand, if on 74 or when I were to beat Trevor, I would understand, because if I had to surrender the title, which is a little bit different. But history, the last time this happened was the Midnight Express, they were the United States Tag Team Champions, they wrestled Arn and Tully for the World Tag Team Championships and they won.”

Tyrus quickly added, “And for about two weeks on TV ,we had Unified Champions before they had to surrender the United States Title. So what I understand right now is that I do not have to surrender, although I might be in a situation where I might have to make two tile defenses or two on one night, but it’s whatever you know but we gotta take care, we gotta get to point A and worry about point B later. I’m not going to wonder what to do until I hear, “And new!”You can follow me on Instagram for my training. I’ve had, I’m having a great training camp for this title shot and I’ve just ,you know the diet is good. I’m going to be in the best shape of my career. I didn’t like when Pope was my enemy., I bulked up because I knew Pope, I could just lean on him all night and eventually that would eventually get the end of him, but the problem is when you put on extra weight, and your a big guy, it is hard to come off so with Trevor, that that won’t work. Trevor can throw haybales, and that is a great thing. Trevor is as strong as an ox and so I’ve gotta be quicker .I’ve gotta be stronger and so the only way to do that is to lean down. So I’m coming into this match around 345 pounds, which is the lowest weight I have been in my career. In the WWE I was around 356, I’m trying every known training apparatus, I’m doing the inner waves, rope flex I’ve been at Hard Knock South and I’m just and I’m committed to it. I’m intermittent fasting. I’m getting my 8 hours of sleep and still maintaining a full workload on top of it.”

Tyrus is determined and ready to go. The match is sure to be intense. There are two large men in the ring tearing each other a part, we had to see if any surprises were brewing for the match and you’ll get that answer on Sunday from the second part of this interview. It was vital to discuss his past, even as much we chat about the future. His past is a part of our hope that he will one day return!

Tyrus speaks about The Future of The Funkasaurus 

Brodus Clay

Tyrus was “The One”This was the best part. ‘Funkasaurus’Brodus Clay was strong but charming. He enjoyed dancing and having fun. The character he created for WWE will be greatly missed by fans. He was asked if he would be interested in seeing Brodus’ clay back, given all his success as Tyrus. This was his resolute answer. “Oh never say never! Brodus Clay will always be there. Dusty Rhodes and I came up with that name, there’s been a lot of changes lately so you know who knows. I would not be who I am without the WWE. I would not be who I who I am without John Laurinaitis, Mr McMahon, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon. With Stephanie and Triple H, they brought me into the Connecticut office and talked about the character before the Funkasaurus. It was Triple H that was the one that got me up and out of FCW, so I’m always going to be grateful.”

The conversation centered on current WWE wrestling. As he speaks, Tyrus remains focused on the WWE’s future success. “And Stephanie allowed me to do the Be a Star program and I got to be the spokesman for a lot of that stuff and all of my stuff, even the you know the the horrible night that my match was cut at WrestleMania, it was Mrs McMahon that came out to me in the lobby and made me feel better. So there’s a lot of admiration there and I’m excited for them. I think Stephanie’s been ready for this, who better, you know it’s always I always think it’s better when someone is groomed into position and I think she’s been groomed for this her entire life so I think WWE is in great hands! I think wrestling is in great hands, I think right now with New Japan and AEW, WWE, the NWA, Impact. It’s a good time to be in wrestling!”

So we might have to wait for more of Brodus Clay in the WWE, but is there a chance that Tyrus would ever go through wrestling’s Forbidden Door and appear on Monday Night Raw under the NWA umbrella. We have another tease, and we’ll discuss it in the second part of this interview.

The Labor Day weekend is so near! Tyrus loves BBQ and has given us amazing grilling tips on Fox News. It is a thought that has already made us squeal with delight.

Tyrus gives his top tips on how to make the most of Labor Day barbecue!

Hiban Huerta/NWA

Tyrus can find the time to be himself and spends it with his family at the grill. It is amazing.

You can also do it while you’re at it recent episodeThis ‘Gutfeld’Fox News’ Tyrus was joking and speaking about New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed legislation encouraging this usage. “incarcerated persons” instead of inmates and her BBQ skills or lack thereof, calling it an “atrocity”After looking at a photo of her standing in front of a grill, it made me think about them both. “I was sitting in the penitentiary right now, this just in, the governor called. You’re an incarcerated person now. I’m still incarcerated? You know, brought me in for this. I’m like, this is my visit. I only want to talk about that. That’s bad enough as it is. But as a boy, I’m a barbecue chef, man. It is my passion. Somebody has to go, you understand? If they touch my barbecue, right? Right. I will disown children. Don’t touch my barbecue. This is an atrocity. First of all, she’s holding the spatula. There’s no fire. Yeah. They turn the flame off so it wouldn’t get our little dress. The burger is not even cooked right. Right as she’s trying to flip. It’s not done on the other side. This is a mockery. This is horrible.”

It was essential that we knew how to prepare all of the meals for Labor Day. It was also necessary to know how to cook all the food we would be eating for Labor Day. Tyrus didn’t disappointAs he shared his tips and tricks for the perfect Labor Day barbecue, he also revealed these secrets to us EXCLUSIVELY. “The first thing you gotta do. What you gotta do is you gotta marinate the night before a BBQ. A BBQ is an event! When I am the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, I’m going to have a BBQ party of epic proportions. I might even marinate 2 days out, but you gotta get your chicken ahead of time, steaks ahead of time, you burgers and hot dogs ahead of time and you marinate, you let that stuff marinate. Whatever your secret sauces, family recipe you let that stuff go and then with your steaks after they marinate, then you gotta leave them out, room temperature. Let them sit out and get that room temperature, then you throw them on that grill and just don’t leave the grill, no cell phones. When you’re grilling, the only thing in your hands should be a spatula and twinkle in your eye and it should be a good time for everybody. Marinate the day before, that’s my tip!”

So Tyrus, we are gratefulWe have your next two weekends covered. Next weekend, Labor Day BBQ Fun!

FITE TV International broadcasts NWA-74 live. Night 1 and Night 2 Bundles can be bought for $39.99. Night 1 and Night 2 are also sold separately at $24.99.

And if you’re in town for the show, make sure to checkout The Fanfest that is scheduled to be taking place August 27th & 28th at 2 pm CST. You won’t want to miss it all!

Watch Part 2 on TheBlast.com, which you can find this Sunday.

Tyrus Talks NWA74 Funkasaurus BBQ Billy Corgan, and Other Topics!

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