Unveiling the 32 BBQ Tournament Bracket for Wichita’s Most Liked BBQ

It’s been a while since we’ve done a tournament bracket. Our Most Liked Series includes pizzas, burgers and tacos. Now it’s time to move on to the latest category that is definitely a polarizing one that could bring a lot of debate. It’s time to unveil the  Wichita’s Most Liked BBQ tournament bracket.

The tournament featured 32 food trucks, restaurants and other pop-ups serving barbecue. I originally planned to focus on local businesses. We added 32 options to increase the number of choices available in our community.

This list contains almost all local BBQ restaurants in Wichita as well as some national chains that completes the category.

This is the point of all three brackets:

  • All of you should know about the incredible number and variety of choices available to you.
  • Wichita By E.B. hosts this platform. Spread love in places you have never seen before.
  • Enjoy some BBQ fun.

REMEMBERS, the results of this post don’t necessarily mean they are the best BBQ, but more of which place has the most online support, thus The Most In-demand. So if your favorite place doesn’t win, please cry to your parents….. not me. Social media like Twitter and Facebook can make this happen. I hope you find new barbecue options that you haven’t tried before. As with the previous bracket, I won’t be voting in any bracket. The public can vote.

Yes, I have A ONE-OFF REQUEST. When you vote, ask yourself if you’re voting for what you truly feel is the BEST BBQ, or if you’re just voting to support said place based on other reasons. It’s up to you what criteria you consider for best BBQ; this isn’t rocket science. Have fun. Although it is difficult to control, I want to share some thoughts.

There will be a poll that includes matchups, which starts Friday Wichita By E.B. FacebookPage and our TwitterVote to vote for your favourite. There will likely be several polls on Twitter and Facebook several days before the deadline.

So with that said, here’s the unveiling of the bracket brought to you by Turnkey – Keller Williams Hometown Partners.

Now is the time to reduce 32 to 1. Let the winner of the most delicious barbecue win.

Happy dining

For review, please submit your event or restaurant. EmailSend us information about your company.

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Unveiling the 32 BBQ Tournament Bracket for Wichita’s Most Liked BBQ

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