VIDEO: Surrey Food Bank’s first Car Wash and BBQ event to collect donations a success

By Anna Burns, Surrey Now-Leader

Surrey Food Bank held their inaugural car wash/BBQ.

Food donations are requested by the Food Bank to exchange hot dogs, car washes, or both.

Surrey Fire Department visited the event to support the food banks.

Nancy Pagani (Executive director) said that everybody has been disconnected from the community since the pandemic.

“This is a time to come out and re-engage with the community, to get involved and let everybody know that we’re still here,”Pagani stated.

Summer can be a slow time for food banks. But this year, it was quite the contrary.

Food bank clients have increased by 21%, while donations decreased by 30%

Their new clients often include large families with immigrant migrants.

Pagani stated that the Surrey and North Delta feeds around 12,000-13,000 people each month.

These people have the greatest need for diapers, canned food, and prepared foods.

For more information on the food bank and where you can drop off donations or register as a client, visit their website at

Food BankSurrey

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VIDEO: Surrey Food Bank’s first Car Wash and BBQ event to collect donations a success

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