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It was the video footage which sent shockwaves across China, and even grabbed the attention of overseas media – a group of men dragging a young woman out of a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, before beating her and other women with whom she was dining.

What are the names of the perpetrators? ‘protected’People in power 

That’s something which 15 people are now under investigation for, Reports CCTV News. 

The 15 individuals include people in Tangshan, Langfang and Hengshui – all cities located in northern China’s Hebei province. 

One of those being investigated is a Tangshan government worker from the Lubei District. ‘barbecue incident’occurred), Tangshan deputy leaders, as well as a few employees of Tangshan’s Public Security Bureau branch. 

The Prosecutor’s Office of Hebei province also gave an LatestChen is the defendant in criminal proceedings. 

Chen, as per a publication today, August 29, was charged with involvement in criminal activities that included the execution terrorist acts. “illegal detentions”Participation in gang brawls, violence and threats of violence. Intentionally causing harm or injury to other people. “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” 

News regarding the alleged assassinations of thugs ‘protected’ – as well as other related updates on the incident – have been top trending on Chinese social media platform Weibo. 

The top 2 most-trending news hashtags have garnered over 1 billion views each and more than 300 million visits, respectively, as of press-time 

It took place on June 10, 2022. The incident was caught on CCTV. After she pushes his arm away and rejects his advances, she is then dragged outside and viciously beaten by a group of men. 

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Two women were hospitalized. One online photo shows one of them with serious injuries. Since then, it has been repaired. reportedBoth of the women are now well. 

Since the incident, other cases of criminality in Tangshan – allegedly involving criminal gangs – have come to light, Reports Global Times

[Cover image via Weibo/@南方日报]

Were Tangshan BBQ Thugs ‘Protected’Are You One of These Powerful People – Thatsmags.com

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