A Woman is Berated For Her ‘Low Vibration’BBQ Plate: We are behind the viral video

Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast. Courtesy Tammy Price

Un life coach told a woman how much she was eating. “low vibration”Place plates Viral video says the internet just doesn’t understand their mentor-mentee bond.

Tammy Price, 34 years old, named Stormy Wellington her “big sister”An interview on Tuesday with The Daily Beast

Price made a TikTok at Wellington on Saturday, warning Price not to accept a meal at a Cookout. Video shows group of women reclining on sun loungers, nodding and watching. “Coach Stormy” examines Price’s plate, piled high with a burger, a hot dog, corn on the cob, and other comfort foods.

“I would never eat a plate that looked like this. You could not pay me $1 million to do that to myself,”Wellington is the one who tells you price. “I deserve better than that. That’s low vibration.”

Wellington even goes further, describing the contents of her food plate “royalty,” while Price’s serving is the sign of a “hood rat.”

In the video, Price appeared to internalize Wellington’s lesson. “Coach Stormy is teaching me, don’t accept what they put on your plate,”She says it in the video. The clip is available here InstagramThe following caption was added by her to the video “I would rather be the rich student than a broke friend! I learned so much from my Coach yesterday! Humility is the key here @coachstormy perspective is everything.”

But while Price saw Wellington’s advice as enriching—a motivational message, even, about not settling for what people give you—social media deemed it wholly unnecessary. The video very quickly made the rounds online, racking up over half a million views on Price’s TikTok and tens of thousands of retweets on Twitter since Sunday. This phrase was retweeted many times within a matter of days. “low vibration” appeared in an endless stream of memes mocking Wellington’s self-important tone and garden-variety wisdom. Chrissy Teigen joined in the fun, as did Keke Palmer.

“What’s crazy is nothing she is saying even remotely makes sense. Girl we all eating chicken wings on some Target china in lawn chairs with your cooter hanging out…where is the tiara?”Actor Kalen Allen tweeted. Palmer Chimed in, “Guess I’m a ‘hood rat.’”

What bothers Price, she tells The Daily Beast, is that the video is being considered outside of the context of her and Wellington’s close relationship, which she credits with helping her go from a homeless woman living in her car to an entrepreneur with a $1.2 million home.

“I’m like, ‘OK, whatever, whatever.’ ‘Cause it was very low vibrational, and if you ain’t got nobody telling you that you’re overeating, and you’re a health and wellness coach, and my plate looks like this, hey, suit yourself,”She elaborates.

Price and Wellington both sell teas to Total Life Changes (a multilevel marketing firm based in Michigan), and also vitamins. The company was also the subject of a class action lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Michigan in February 2021, which claimed that the company’s hemp-infused raspberry tea actually contained THC, causing plaintiffs to lose their jobs after testing positive for marijuana. After the plaintiffs presented their claims to mediation, the lawsuit was finally dismissed.

Wellington has used a lot of money to grow her empire. skincare line, private mentorship communityYou can book getaways such as the one Price booked over the weekend for $69 per month. Spend up to $10,000 for guests (though Price clarifies she didn’t have to pay to attend this excursion, explaining, “I don’t have to do that anymore”). The Daily Beast reached out to Wellington but Wellington didn’t respond.

Price and Wellington were first close when Wellington was still living in Price’s home. Price and Wellington were close after Price’s divorce in 2015. Soon after her divorce, Price lost her husband. Price says she was hopeless and spent nights alone in her car with her children. Her ex-husband found Wellington’s content online and encouraged Price to reach out.

“I have nothing else to lose. I’m at the lowest point in my life. I’m going through depression,”Price was able to recall her thoughts back then. “[Wellington] said, ‘You not depressed, you need to detox. You need to find yourself.’ And I did just that.”

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This sales woman introduced Price to Total Live Changes. The saleswoman helped Price to establish her network, and she guided her throughout her weight loss journey. Price claimed she was able to lose 60 pounds in five months.

The group started the day on Saturday with meditation and prayer. Price then took a stroll after listening to a few speakers before she settled down for a barbecue. Price gave her plates to the caterers for dinner.

What transpired has not only ignited the internet’s vitriol of food-shaming and the legitimacy of life coaches, but has also left some of Price’s own friends and family concerned.

“People are reaching out from everywhere like, ‘Are you OK?’ Blink twice,’”She said.

In follow-up videoWellington, the one who recorded the second one, after it had gone viral, reiterated her concerns over Price. “If I don’t watch out for you, you have no mama and no motherfucking daddy, so if I don’t watch out for you, who the fuck gonna look out for you?”

Price has stood by her mentor for the most part. According to The Daily Beast, Price giggles at how much attention is being paid to Wellington’s relationship.

“I lost over 80 pounds and my plate is stuffed. It just makes sense,”She said. “A lot of people don’t know that that’s just how she talks. It’s not easy being Coach Stormy’s student.”

The Daily Beast provides more information.

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A Woman is Berated For Her ‘Low Vibration’BBQ Plate: We are behind the viral video

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